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Preparing Your Business for Snowy Weather

3/21/2018 (Permalink)

Even if you’re accustomed to experiencing a snow storm now and again during Franklin, NC winters, handling the threat of snow and ice can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to run a successful business. With the chilly precipitation comes a number of challenges, such as:

• Getting to and from work
• Deciding whether or not it’s safe for employees to be out and about
• Commercial property damages

Additionally, there’s always the question of whether or not you should even open up shop for the day or not. Fortunately, even the most snow-inexperienced business owner can expertly prepare for an upcoming snow storm by following a few key steps.

Watch the News

While keeping an eye on a local news channel might seem like an obvious step, it’s one that business owners underestimate time and time again. If you have any suspicion that there might be snowfall during the workday, keep your ears peeled for updates and information on approaching storms. It’s a great way to plan for early dismissal.

Working From Home

Deciding that it’s not safe for employees to get to work doesn’t have to be the end of the world. In fact, in some cases, it might be appropriate for them to work from home for the day rather than risk an icy drive to your commercial establishment.

Prepping the Premises

If you’re sure that you’ll be experiencing snow or a freeze, take the time to prep your business for the challenges the weather will bring. For example, leaving faucets in bathrooms and break rooms running at a drip can help you avoid a pipe burst down the line, and salting the sidewalk prevents future slipping and sliding from those trying to enter your building.

Regardless of how often it a snow storm occurs in Franklin, NC it’s imperative to remember that safety should always come first, no matter what. Keeping an eye on the weather and knowing when caution is best can help you protect your valued employees and your business during the chilly winter months. Visit for more information on commercial storm damage

What Homeowners Need To Know About Water Damage After Minor Flooding

3/21/2018 (Permalink)

Water damage is easy to identify when flooding covers streets and submerges vehicles. When that same water pours into a home in Franklin, NC and covers floors two feet deep, the resulting destruction is expected, and often immediately addressed. But what happens when clean water floods the floors an inch or two after a pipe burst? Homeowners may be unaware of the dangers small amounts of water can cause floor coverings, walls, and baseboards.

Potential Problems

A burst pipe, overflowing toilet, or broken water heater can all flood floors. Once the initial water has been cleaned up, most homeowners know to look for, and quickly address, many common problems with a professional. Here are a few possibilities to consider:

• Ebbing water pressure – A possible rupture in a water line. This can range from a small, inconsistent leak at a connection to a continuous leak at a broken line.
• Discolored water or funny smell and taste – A possible rusty pipe or a broken pipe that allows foreign bodies into the water supply.
• Stains on walls – A possible water leak behind walls, or water seepage into wood or sheetrock by the flood waters.

Invisible Damages

Often after homeowners clean up a pipe burst caused flood, they look for the visible signs of water damage but are completely unaware of the hidden damages left behind. That is why it is usually expedient to contact a restoration team to evaluate the damage. The team can remove carpets and pads, check underflooring for damage, and set up dehumidifiers to speed the evaporation of remaining water. Most importantly, the restoration specialists can remove baseboards and ventilate the remaining water that is hidden behind the boards. This simple step can help thwart mold.

Effective Solutions

Dealing with the consequences of even a minor flood from a pipe burst in Franklin, NC while the property is still wet can not only help mitigate the immediate damage, it can help prevent potential future problems. Property evaluation and decontamination can be time-sensitive matters. Visit for more information on water damage. 

Mold Prevention Begins With Moisture Control

3/21/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Prevention Begins With Moisture Control This home was crawling with mold from top to bottom. SERVPRO was quick to get on site and begin the remediation process.

Discovering mold growth can be disheartening, especially when your Franklin, NC mold remediation team informs you that the problem is much more extensive than you initially thought. What began as a leak under the sink has now become a mold problem that extends into your floor joists and up into your drywall. What could have been a quick, inexpensive fix has now just become a costly restoration.

Mold spreads quickly, which is why mold prevention is key. Fortunately, preventing mold is simple, and begins and ends with controlling water damage. If you want to prevent mold from sprouting in your home, here is what you need to know:

• Identify and fix problem areas
• Dry out problem areas
• Install proper ventilation
• Invest in mold-resistant products

Correct the Problem

Preventing mold begins with identifying and correcting problem areas before they become problems. In the best-case scenarios, the problem areas are small and consist of a leaking pipe; in the worst-case scenarios, the problem areas are fairly large and encompass large patches of roof. Whatever the case is with your home, if you want to prevent further damage and preserve the integrity of your home, invest in quality repairs.

Dry Out the Problem Area

The next step of mold prevention involves drying out the problem area. Water damage isn’t contained to just the surface; rather, it can run deep beneath the flooring and into your home’s floor joists, drywall and/or insulation. In order to get rid of the problem completely, you need to know how deep the problem goes and implement proper drying techniques.

Install Ventilation

Many homes are affected by mold growth simply because they lack proper ventilation. You can prevent mold contamination in your home by improving airflow and installing vents in moisture prone areas.

Invest in Mold Resistant Products

Finally, you can prevent mold by equipping your home with mold resistant products. Some materials to consider include mold-resistant drywall and mold-resistant insulation.

Mold prevention doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. If you can control the moisture levels in your home, you can control mold growth. Visit for more information on mold. 

3 Ways to Prevent Mold in a Restaurant

2/22/2018 (Permalink)

Food preparation, storage equipment and the moisture of a dish tank can combine to create a high humidity environment that is conducive to mold. There are ways to prevent mold, and mold testing is advisable after any major flooding or leaks. Here are three ways to prevent mold growth in a food service environment.

1. Monitor spots where moisture tends to collect. Moisture is a primary factor in promoting mold growth. Regularly clean these places and look out for signs of mildew or mold. Check underneath sinks and around refrigeration units to make sure that condensation and humidity are not creating an environment in which mold will multiply.
2. Maintain the ventilation system. Restaurant ventilation systems should be clean and operating as intended. Proper ventilation reduces the amount of moisture and other contaminants in the air that can encourage mold to grow.
3. Eliminate old or improperly stored food. A restauranteur’s primary concern should be preventing mold on food. One of the best ways to do this is to keep walk-ins and other refrigeration and food storage areas clean and regularly cycle stock.

Mold thrives in environments with moist air, low light and low traffic, so nooks and crannies can be prone to developing mold. In addition to these general guidelines, it is important to address water damage as soon as possible. If you have recently experienced flooding or a severe leak, it is a good idea to have testing done to make sure that mold is not developing

It is difficult to eliminate mold without the specialized equipment and techniques used by clean-up and remediation specialists. If you are concerned about signs of mold growth in a restaurant in Murphy, North Carolina, check for visible mold or contact an expert to determine whether mold is present. Do not attempt to search for hidden mold, as you may spread spores.

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Water Damage and Mold

2/19/2018 (Permalink)

Black mold thrives on moisture of all kinds.

If your home has recently experienced water damage due to flooding or leakage, the risk of black mold increases dramatically. Many homeowners with black mold problems have been completely unaware of it for long periods of time. This is because water damage can seep behind drywall and affect the wall void, where it will never be seen. In some cases, if the growth is severe enough, an odor will tip off the homeowner. 

What Should I Do?

If you do have black mold growing in your home, the time to act is now. A home restoration company should be your first point of contact should you find mold in your home. They will have the technology and the training necessary to remediate the mold levels in your home and bring it back to its original state.

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Keep Fires at Bay With These Space Heater Safety Tips

2/13/2018 (Permalink)

Space heaters are wonderful inventions, as they are energy efficient, affordable and effective. However, despite their many benefits, they do come with one major drawback: fires. If you’re not careful with your personal hotspot, you could end up with a burned space heater and worse, a burned home. Don’t let that happen, and use these tips to prevent your space heater from catching on fire:

• Buy a space heater that comes with built-in safety features.
• Find a safe place to put your little heater.
• Keep the three-foot rule in mind.
• Practice safe habits.

Safety Features To Look For

When shopping for space heaters in Franklin, North Carolina, there are certain safety features that Consumers Reports recommends you look for. For one, the heater you buy should come with a safety certification as well as a Very Good or Excellent Fire Safety Score. Anything less than that is likely not safe. Secondly, look for automatic shut-off features. The ideal heater has a sensor that tells it when it's overheating and turns it off automatically. Finally, the heater should have at least a six-foot cord that is equipped with a GFCI plug, which grounds the connection so you won’t get shocked when plugging it in.

Find a Safe Place To Put Your Heater

A large reason for burned space heater accidents is location. Keep the three-foot rule in mind when finding a place to put your heater: three feet from all combustible materials, and surrounded by a three-foot, child-free, pet-free safety zone. Make sure to place the heater on a solid, level and nonflammable surface as well.

Practice Safe Habits

Finally, make sure that you practice safe habits with your space heater. Turn it off each night before going to bed or when leaving the home, install working smoke alarms, and never plug another item into the same outlet that the heater is on, especially if using an extension cord (which you shouldn’t do anyway).

The tips above should help you prevent burned space heater accidents, but in the event that your heater does catch fire and you need smoke cleanup help, reach out to your Franklin, North Carolina, fire damage team today.

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3 Key Steps to Take After a Fire

2/9/2018 (Permalink)

Businesses in Cashiers, North Carolina, suffer a wide range of consequences after a fire: lost assets and equipment, damaged buildings and environmental hazards, just to name a few. Dealing with details and the interruption to your operations can feel overwhelming, but there are a few key steps you can take. Your insurance company, along with skilled fire restoration technicians, will play key roles in the aftermath of a blaze.

1. Contact Your Insurance Provider

Once you and your employees are safely accounted for and the flames are put out, your next phone call should be to your insurance company. The commercial property portion of your business policy provides the fire insurance coverage to handle your recent loss. Try to get as many details as possible ready before you get on the phone, but keep in mind that you’ll probably be in contact with an adjuster who’ll assess the destruction.

2. Hands Off Everything

For both safety and practical reasons, you should not touch any damaged or destroyed areas of your premises after a fire. Although it might be tempting to “rescue” equipment, furniture or even filing cabinets, keep in mind that your insurance adjuster needs to document the post-blaze state of your property.

3. Contact Cleanup and Restoration Services

After the flames have been put out, your premises likely suffer from smoke and fire damage as well as flooding and water damage from fire suppression efforts. An expert fire restoration company will assess what work must be done and then perform clean up to bring it back to its former condition. Typical services include board-up services for missing walls and windows, tarp-up on impacted roofs, water removal, smoke cleaning, and final cleaning and sanitizing.

Fire’s natural properties make it a destructive force that not only consumes but leaves lasting effects behind in its wake. Thankfully, a fire restoration professional in Cashiers, North Carolina, can help your business on the path to recovery.

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Identifying All Sources of Mold Growth

2/2/2018 (Permalink)

I found a little black mold, could it be worse?

When mold growth is detected in a residence, or business, you need to understand that you may have only discovered the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The reality is that mold growth could exist at a variety of locations in a home or business. This can include mold growth behind wall.

As part of taking control of mold in home, you need to engage the services of a qualified, reliable mold removal remediation specialist adept at locating the presence of mold throughout the premises, including mold growth behind wall. You need a mold mitigation specialist that had the combination of experience and mold removal equipment and technology to identify the presence of mold wherever it may be, including mold growth behind wall. Even overlooking a small amount of mold growth behind wall can result in serious consequences.

Keep in mind that the presence of mildew or fungus can be warning signs that mold is also present in the premises. When mildew or fungus is detected in a residential or commercial property, it needs to be addressed. However, when mildew or fungus exists in a home or business, steps must be taken to determining how and why it occurred. Determining the cause of mildew or fungus can be invaluable in preventing or addressing mold in home.

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Comprehensive Mold Remediation Services

2/2/2018 (Permalink)

Mitigation and Mold

Engaging the services of a mold damage and mold removal restoration company needs to include a consideration of the extent of services provided. A home or business owner is best served when a restoration company that provides a comprehensive array of services is engaged in the mitigation of mold damage.

Comprehensive mold mitigation services include addressing not only mold damage, but also deodorization, dry rot, and smelly odor. You need to bear in mind that not every mold restoration company addresses issues like deodorization, dry rot, and smelly odor. Before engaging a particular mold removal and mitigation company, you need to inquire whether the company addresses issues like deodorization, dry rot, and smelly odor. With the right company, you can get matters like deodorization, dry rot, and smelly odor addressed for one price.

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Commercial and Residential Mold Remediation

2/2/2018 (Permalink)

Black Mold Damage

Bear in mind that there are companies that specialize in residential mold removal services and others that deal with commercial mold damage. You need to make certain that you engage an appropriate provider when it comes to residential or commercial mold damage. Keep in mind that while some companies offer residential assistance while others that commercial mold damage assistance. There are also companies that provide both residential and commercial mold damage remediation.

If you detect black mold in a residence or business, you need to take prompt action to remediate the problems. Prompt elimination of black mold in a home or business is vital. We have remediation services with an expertise in dealing with black mold in both commercial and residential properties.

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