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An Overview Of Professional Water Damage Repair

9/25/2017 (Permalink)

An Overview Of Professional Water Damage Repair

If you have water in home or water in business, always contact water cleanup experts to have the water damage repaired. Restoration companies go through the following steps during water damage mitigation:

1. Stop More Water From Getting In:

If a weather event causes flood damage, the restoration company blocks areas where water can enter from outside. If a pipe break occurs, water damage mitigation experts prevent water from reaching the pipe break. In some cases, the water main line must be turned off.

If it's a supply line break, only the water supply for a certain part of the house is turned off. For example, if there is a supply line break at the kitchen sink, only the water supply for the kitchen sink is turned off.

Water damage mitigation experts repair a pipe break as quickly as possible. They always try to determine what caused a supply line break in order to ensure that it doesn't recur.

2. Evaluate The Damage:

If the reason why water got into a flooded home hasn't been determined, it will be determined before water cleanup begins. The extent of the damage will be assessed as well. Water cleanup professionals use hydrometers to determine how saturated surfaces are. If there is a possibility that water in home or water in business is trapped behind walls, infrared cameras are used to locate it. If water in home or water in business has lingered for a significant period of time, water cleanup professionals will assess the home for mold growth. Areas of the house that are dark are especially prone to mold growth, and they will be examined most closely.

3. Water Removal:

If the water in a flooded home is deep, flood damage mitigation experts use a submersible pump to remove the water in home or water in business. Wet dry vacuums are used in flooded homes when the water isn't as deep.

4. The Drying Process:

Dehumidifiers are used to increase evaporation and expedite the drying process. Air movers also are used to accelerate the drying process. These devices create currents of air.

Restoration companies use hydrometers to measure how quickly saturated surfaces are drying. The temperature and humidity of indoor air are also monitored closely by the restoration company.

5. Cleaning A Flooded Home:

Since flood damage often causes large amounts of bacteria and other contaminants to enter a home, sanitizing cleaners are used during the restoration process. Sanitizing cleaners will even be used if it was clean water that entered the house (e.g. water from a supply line break or main pipe break). Wet surfaces can create a breeding ground for microbes and mold.

Mold Damage Restoration:

If the flood damage caused mold growth, the restoration company is likely to remove certain materials from the house. The restoration company is likely to remove the following items if they are suspected to be contaminated:

Heating System Filters
Fabrics That Are Difficult To Clean
Porous Sheetrock
Items That Contain Foam

Appliances and heating system filters that have been waterlogged will be removed even if there are no visible signs of mold growth. Many materials that are contaminated with mold can be cleaned, and the following tools are often utilized during the process:

Antifungal Cleaners (often scented)
Specialized Mold Removal Tools
Specialized Tools To Reach Spaces Behind Walls

6. Structural Repair:

Flooding often causes structurally significant parts of a home or business to be damaged to the point of requiring replacement, and the restoration company will replace the materials.
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How Professionals Handle Commercial Fire Damage

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How Professionals Handle Commercial Fire Damage

Fire can cause advanced destruction on your property especially if it is not controlled quickly. Business owners dread fire because it can reduce their years of investment to ashes. Some sources of fire such as utility room fire or electrical fire are very common. The reason is the utility room fire or electrical fire result from a malfunction of appliances or electrical surge. It causes fire damage, smoke damage, and soot damage.

As a mitigation measure, the majority of buildings have fire sprinkler system installed on them. The fire sprinkler system plays an important fire suppression role. It is fitted with sensors, which detect an increase in heat. If the temperature rises above the normal in a room, it triggers an alarm and at the same time opens the valves, which releases jets of water all over the room. The main aim of the fire sprinkler system is to prevent the spread of fire before back up from the fire suppression experts arrive.

Quick response from the firefighters for fire suppression is important because they are equipped and skilled to handle any fire outbreaks including utility room fire or electrical fire. This means that whenever you realize that the alarm is on as a result of utility room fire or electrical fire outbreak, you must call the firefighters immediately as fire sprinkler system continue to fight its spread.

A fire truck arrives equipped will all the necessary tools to fight the inferno including a long horse pipe. If the fire is intense, the number of firefighters and fire trucks could be increased to help contain it. The larger the number of fire hose and fire trucks, it means that in few hours, there will be no flame on the building. It also means that the destruction caused by the fire hose and fire truck as they wrestle with fire could be unimaginable.

Often, the firefighters spare nothing as they undertake fire suppression exercise. Their fire hose would pray gallons of water into the building, they will break into the rooms and windows, and the fire truck will be all over your landscaping. Other than fire damage, you will be grappling with water damage, smoke damage and soot damage among other.

After the fire hose has drained every drop of water from the truck, the firefighter's work will be over and will leave your premises. The good thing is that fire will have been contained; the bad thing is that you will have more than just fire damage as water damage also becomes added to the soot damage and smoke damage.

Fire restoration is supposed to restore back the building as it was before the fire damage. The fire restoration exercise is involving and requires a lot of knowledge and skills to make it effective. It is not something you can do on your own with your staff members; it requires a professional approach. Fire damage leaves a charred mess; the fire fighters leave flooded floors and broken doors or windows glasses.

Using professional fire restoration services, the work would be easy and simple because they follow their plan. Planning is important for detailed commercial fire damage restoration. You will need to look for a service provider who can ensure efficient soot damage and smoke damage removal. Flood must be drained quickly to prevent water damage. Commercial fire damage restoration teams could also document your losses and repair items that can be reused.

Fire damage restoration takes into account all details to make sure that the business is back on its feet. Soot damage, water damage, and smoke damage clean up if their priority. All the damages caused by firefighters with their fire truck and fire hose are also taken care. A comprehensive commercial fire damage restoration ensures that you catch up with the time lost for business. This can only be achieved if you involved professional fire restoration services.
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Have Storm Damage at Your Business?

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Have Storm Damage at Your Business?

Are you a business that has recently experience flooding, storm damage, wind damage and more? Has a river flooding left your business untenable or a storm caused severe roof damage? Or, perhaps your business is in need of roof repair caused by hail damage, hurricane damage or ice damage?

Whatever your needs may be for storm restoration, read on to learn more about how you can get your business back in order with these three tips for professional storm remediation.

Let’s get started:

Tip #1: Use a Trusted Company

When your business has experienced flooding, storm damage, roof damage, wind damage, river flooding, hurricane damage, hail damage, ice damage, frozen pipes, ice damming – and more, you simply cannot do the repairs on your own. You need a trusted business and home restoration company that can get the job done quickly and efficiently. We’re not talking about an easy roof repair caused by a roof leak – and even then, you should consider hiring a storm restoration company to protect your business investment and employees. A professional water restoration with company with experience resolving flood water, ground water, ice dam, flood pump and other issues is the only way to go. Make sure you find a company that is licensed and bonded – and that has a good reputation – for your storm remediation.

Tip #2: Make the Repairs Now

The extent of the storm damage is going to vary across businesses—from a simple roof leak or roof repair to flood water taking out an entire floor of a business. We’ve seen it all—from frozen pipes to a flood pump ruined by ground water—and so it’s important to take seriously the recommendations of the company you hire and make the repairs now. You don’t want to be in position in which you make only some of the water restoration, storm damage, wind damage, roof damage and other repairs. We’ve seen flood water take out entire businesses because sometimes there is no stopping a flood. We’ve seen an ice dam wreck a business – and if you don’t fix all of the issues immediately, you could have more problems later. Don’t put your business through that. If your business has experienced hurricane damage, ice damage, ice damming issues, hail damage, frozen pipes and more – then follow the storm restoration plan set out by the company you hire. You’ll be glad you did!

Tip #3: Work Out Financing

When your business is facing something as catastrophic as storm damage caused by ocean flooding, river flooding, ground water issues, flood water receding issues from hurricane damage, roof damage issues caused by hail damage and ice damage – and more, it’s not going to be easy to pay for it all. Water restoration, ice damming repairs, flood pump repairs, a roof leaf, a roof repair, ground water issues – just to name a few – literally can put your business out of business. Therefore, make sure the business and home restoration company you choose can work with you on financing your repairs associated with storm remediation. Whether you’ve got an ice dam problem or river flooding, the bill is going to be high – and you need an economical and feasible way to pay.

Don’t Let a Storm Stop Your Business

We’ve seen it all—from flooding caused by river flooding to roof repair caused by wind damage to frozen pipes because of an ice dam. Storm restoration is never just about a roof leak! If you are in need of a business or home restoration caused by a flood pump issue, a roof leak issue, an ice damming issue, water restoration issues – and more, then call us today for your expert home restoration and storm remediation. We’re here to help! Visit for more information on storm damage.

The Importance of Professional Mold Damage Remediation

8/31/2017 (Permalink)

The Importance of Professional Mold Damage Remediation

In addition to being an eyesore and smelling bad, mold can lead to structural damage to your home. For that reason, it is highly important for you to respond quickly once you notice there is mold at home, even the smallest black mold outbreak might turn into a dangerous issue if not handled with great care. If you come across the pesky fungus spreading along the walls or mold growth behind wall you need to contact a professional Mold removal to help you.

Mold damage and mold growth come by when the climatic conditions tend to favor them. For instance, a leak or flood is a perfect condition to trigger the mold growth. Other conditions favoring the growth of mold include plenty of humidity, plenty of moisture and warmth in the air. Given that mold is the fungus, its spores play a great role in circulating the air in every corner. The moment the mold starts growing in a home or office, it will require less than three days for mold mutilation to spread rapidly and quickly in the entire apartment. For this reason, every home and business owner must have a mold damage and mold removal restoration company specialization in remediation and mitigation on speed dial.

Note that ignoring professional mold removal and mold damage assistance from a restoration company is never rewarding. Mitigation and remediation both play a vital role in preventing future mold damage, getting rid of existing mold and preventing current mold growing whether it is a visible mold, black mold or mold growth behind wall.

Once floods hit a certain place, the first thing people should do is to remove the water out quickly and efficiently. This is because mold in the home and commercial mold damage takes place quickly once the floods occur, that is why draining the water away lessens the chance of visible mold growth and also mold growth behind the walls. This will also apply when you notice some leaks in your apartment. In most cases, mold growth behind wall will occur unseen when there is a leak, and it is always the smelly odor that the majority of people notice before knowing that their house has mold.

The moment all the water is drained out, mold in the home and commercial mold damage will eventually slow down. Everything should be dried up entirely to stop the mold growth on the walls, the growth of black mold and to also assist with the professional deodorization to remove the smelly order mold produces. A restoration company is equipped with the required tools for suitable deodorization and mold removal methods to curb the commercial mold damage. The experts can as well use their remediation and mitigation skills to help with commercial mold damage and mold in the home.

Once you notice mold in home or commercial mold damage, it is imperative to ensure that the HVAC system is shut down when using deodorization. Never should you try to get rid of any mold without a restoration company, and do not ignore mitigation and remediation when mold removal is mandatory.

Note that mold and fungus are the same things and mildew is a sign that mold exists. Given that mildew needs many of the same conditions to develop and for this reason, once you notice mildew, just know that mold is elsewhere in a home or office. The same case is evident with a smelly odor and the necessities to use deodorization frequently to get rid of the smelly odor. If it is present, it is an indication that there is a mold in home somewhere.

Dry rot is another common sign of a potential mold in home. Dry rot occurs when there is high moisture causing some materials to break down. If you notice dry rot in your home or office, just know that mold might be present. Even though dry rot occurs without mold at all, it is a clear indication that mold growth behind the wall is an issue.

The existence of mildew, dry rot fungus and also the smelly odor might indicate the presence of commercial mold growth. Given that differentiating mold from the black mold without the help of professional help is hard, contacting the professionals is the best thing to do.
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What to Look for in a Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company

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What to Look for in a Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company

In the aftermath of a fire in business or a fire in home you need to be ready to spring into action. What this really means is that when you have suffered residential or commercial fire damage, you must engage the services of a proper restoration company with all deliberate speed. When it comes to retaining a fire damage restoration firm, there are a number of key factors that you must bear in mind.

The Background of the Fire Damage Restoration Specialists

A key element you need to consider when engaging the services of a fire damage remediation firm is the background of the individual fire damage restoration specialists that will be working at your property. A fire damage remediation specialist needs to have the specific training and experience necessary to address fire cleanup and restoration following a fire in business or fire in home.

In addition, you need to make certain that a fire damage restoration specialist is properly insured and bonded. You also need to check to ensure that a specialist is appropriately licensed or certified.

Restoration Company Pricing

You necessarily will want to get the best fire in business or fire in home remediation assistance. However, you also want to be certain to get a fair price for these services.

The reality is that there can be some pretty significant price disparities between different residential and commercial fire remediation firms. With efficient research, you will be able to identify a firm that can provide you the assistance you need in the aftermath of a fire in business or fire in home without overspending in the process.

Comprehensive Service Provider

You also are best served in addressing residential or commercial fire damage when you engage the assistance of a restoration company that provides comprehensive services. Selecting a restoration company that can deal with everything from initial board up to all aspects of fire cleanup to thorough restoration ensures a complete remediation, efficiently undertaken and at an affordable price.

In addition to a firm that addresses board up and fire cleanup, you need a firm that has the capacity to address all other fire damage aspects. These include addressing soot damage, smoke damage, and smoke smell.

Equipment and Technology of a Fire Damage Firm

In selecting a fire damage restoration firm, you also need to inquire about the equipment and technology utilized by the company. The reality is that there is now available some solid, effective modern technology that effectively addresses soot damage, smoke damage, and smoke smell. In the end, you must have a firm that is able to provide the best equipment to address soot damage, smoke damage, and smoke smell. As an aside, you will also want to question a firm about the chemicals potentially utilized in the fire cleanup and restoration process.

Emergency Response

When identifying a restoration company to assist following a fire in business or fire in home, you cannot underestimate the importance of rapid response. The reality is that the damage caused by a fire, including soot damage, smoke damage, and smoke smell, becomes far worse in a very short amount of time. Therefore, the rapid intervention of a skilled fire damage remediation is vital.

In that regard, you need to access a firm that not only can start fire cleanup promptly, but can immediately take care of sometimes overlooked preliminary matters. For example, board up of the premises must commence immediately after a fire. The failure to initiate a immediate board up as part of a residential or commercial fire damage remediation effort exposes a property to further damage.

By paying attention to these considerations, you place yourself in the best position to ensure proper remediation of residential or commercial fire damage. You will have your premises restored to the best possible condition in the most efficient and truly affordable manner possible. Your premises will be back in functional form in a manner that minimizes the stress to you.
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5 Tips for Conquering Water Damage

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5 Tips for Conquering Water Damage

Water damage is a problem in homes and businesses. If there is water in a home or water in a business, it's only a matter of time before it causes significant damage. Through quick thinking and the help of a restoration company, it will be easy to focus on the mitigation of flood damage to ensure that a restoration happens faster.

Deal with the Problem
One of the first things that needs to be done to avoid water damage is to figure out what caused all the water to enter a home or business. If there is a flooded home, it might be as a result of bad weather. Some areas are more prone to flooding, which can lead to a flooded home when there is a heavy rain.

If there is water in a business, it might be due to a pipe break or supply line break. If there are pipe breaks or supply line breaks, it's important to fix the problem so that no more water shows up on the scene. It will then be easier to focus on mitigation and drying everything that has gotten wet.

Remove Excess Water
Mitigation is the process of reducing the level of damage. Part of the mitigation process involves removing excess water. A restoration company will be able to remove water in a home as easily as they can remove water in a business. They have advanced equipment that can pump water out by the gallons.

Additionally, drying various items in a flooded home or business is a must. This includes everything from carpeting to furniture to walls. If drying doesn't happen in a timely fashion, it can lead to mold growth. When water cleanup is done within the first day of the flood damage, then it's easier to deal with the problem.

Assess the Damages
There are going to be areas of water damage, regardless of how fast someone called in restoration professionals to assist. Any time there is flood damage, it's important to check out all areas and figure out where the water in a business or water in a home is located.

Identify the areas that have been damaged. If there was a supply line break or pipe break, there might also be water behind walls and in other areas where it's not possible to get a visual on the flood damage.

If there is water in a home or business, it might also be necessary to contact insurance or keep a record of items that were damaged.

Eliminate Damaged Items
Some damage will need to be discarded. If there was a pipe break or supply line break that involved sewer water, it's likely that the list of items discarded will be long. Even if it's just water, drying isn't going to be possible for everything. The longer it takes to complete the water cleanup, the more likely there will be more items that need to be discarded.

A restoration company will be able to identify what can be saved and what cannot. it makes it easier to figure it all out.

Restore the Property
Water cleanup is a big part of the restoration process, but it's not everything. A restoration company should be called in to help with a flooded home or business. Restoring walls, cabinets, countertops, and other water damaged items will make it easier for a piece of property to go back to the way it was.

Failure to focus on water cleanup will result in more water damage. The goal of restoration is to get rid of all damaged items and rebuild what was affected by water.
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Three Factors to Understand in Regard to Professional Mold Remediation

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Three Factors to Understand in Regard to Professional Mold Remediation

Mold damage can have catastrophic consequences. When mold in home or business exists, it has the potential for causing permanent damage to a residence or commercial property. In addition, mold in home or mold in business can cause health problems to individuals exposed to mold growth.

If you face the prospect of mold in home or mold in business, you need to be as proactive as possible. You need to be swift in engaging the professional assistance of a mold remediation and restoration company. There are a trio of factors that you need to bear in mind when it comes to seeking the services of a mold remediation and restoration company.

Identifying All Sources of Mold Growth

When mold growth is detected in a residence, or business, you need to understand that you may have only discovered the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The reality is that mold growth could exist at a variety of locations in a home or business. This can include mold growth behind wall.

As part of taking control of mold in home, you need to engage the services of a qualified, reliable mold removal remediation specialist adept at locating the presence of mold throughout the premises, including mold growth behind wall. You need a mold mitigation specialist that had the combination of experience and mold removal equipment and technology to identify the presence of mold wherever it may be, including mold growth behind wall. Even overlooking a small amount of mold growth behind wall can result in serious consequences.

Keep in mind that the presence of mildew or fungus can be warning signs that mold is also present in the premises. When mildew or fungus is detected in a residential or commercial property, it needs to be addressed. However, when mildew or fungus exists in a home or business, steps must be taken to determining how and why it occurred. Determining the cause of mildew or fungus can be invaluable in preventing or addressing mold in home.

Comprehensive Mold Remediation Services

Engaging the services of a mold damage and mold removal restoration company needs to include a consideration of the extent of services provided. A home or business owner is best served when a restoration company that provides a comprehensive array of services is engaged in the mitigation of mold damage.

Comprehensive mold mitigation services include addressing not only mold damage, but also deodorization, dry rot, and smelly odor. You need to bear in mind that not every mold restoration company addresses issues like deodorization, dry rot, and smelly odor. Before engaging a particular mold removal and mitigation company, you need to inquire whether the company addresses issues like deodorization, dry rot, and smelly odor. With the right company, you can get matters like deodorization, dry rot, and smelly odor addressed for one price.

You also need to bear in mind that there are companies that specialize in residential mold removal services and others that deal with commercial mold damage. You need to make certain that you engage an appropriate provider when it comes to residential or commercial mold damage. Keep in mind that while some companies offer residential assistance while others that commercial mold damage assistance. There are also companies that provide both residential and commercial mold damage remediation.

Black Mold and Health Concerns

A third issue you need to appreciate when it comes to residential or commercial mold issues is the possible dangers of black mold. If you detect black mold in a residence or business, you need to take prompt action to remediate the problems. Black mold is thought to threaten the health of individuals exposed to it. Because of this, prompt elimination of black mold in a home or business is vital. There are remediation services with an expertise in dealing with black mold.
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What Is a Fire Damage Restoration Company?

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What Is a Fire Damage Restoration Company?

A restoration company is a company that provides services 24 hours a day, seven days a week in response to disasters like a fire in a home or a fire in a business. In order to preserve the highest amount of property through fire damage restoration, a fire cleanup crew is dispatched as soon as possible to evaluate for fire damage and whether or not fire damage restoration is possible.

How to Pay for Fire Damage Restoration

If a property owner is insured, his or her insurance policy may cover fire damage, soot damage, smoke damage, or commercial fire damage. The insurance company may pay for a restoration company to provide fire cleanup so that the property owner can return to a life of normalcy with the full functionality of his or her property.

How to Secure My Property after a Fire

After the fire department has flooded the property and cut out holes in the walls of a building, its structural integrity is greatly compromised. Fire damage can wear out locks, doors, and windows. It is important to secure these buildings by boarding up all entry points. Boarding up weakened structures like walls and roofs will also prevent a collapse that can cause more damage. A restoration company can evaluate the appropriateness of boarding up a property. The fire department may also be contacted to evaluate whether or not a building is properly boarded up.

How to Deal with Flooding

The fire department will most likely flood any building on fire. This can cause water damage if left untreated. A restoration company will be instrumental in arranging for industrial equipment like water extractors, dehumidifiers, and air current movers to completely dry out a property. They will also arrange for antimicrobials and disinfectants to sanitize the premises and prevent mold or fungal growth in the future. They will also instruct the property owner on how to maintain their property in the future to prevent further issues.

How to Remove the Lingering Smoke Smell after a Fire

The smoke smell that remains due to smoke damage and soot damage is a common complaint after a fire. Smoke smells remain in fabrics and the surfaces of a property long after the fire has been put out. Because these smoke smells are so stubborn, soot damage and smoke damage have to be reduced through the heavy vacuuming of any fabrics and surfaces. Ozone treatments or thermal fogging may be employed by a technician to completely eradicate the smell. Commercial fire damage can cause especially stubborn smoke smells.

How to Recover Important Documents

A fire cleanup team will help to itemize all the personal belongings lost due to fire damage so that their recovery can be expedited. A fire in a home or a fire in a business can cause the loss of important documents like passports, medical records, official government documents, or insurance policies. After organizing a list of what was lost, the proper authorities can be contacted to replace them.

Can Furniture Be Restored?

Furniture and other personal belongings are often recoverable even with extensive smoke damage and soot damage. Commercial fire damage can cause damage to important equipment that is integral to the running of a business. A licensed technician can discuss the possibility of restoring these items back to their former function with a variety of techniques and a range of costs. A fire in a home or a fire in a business do not need to debilitate its function.

Who Else Can Help?

Organizations like the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and FEMA specialize in helping people who have experienced a disaster like a fire or commercial fire damage gain access to shelter, food, medicine, and other resources while the fire cleanup process is under way. A fire in a home or a fire in a business can strand people, and these organizations can help them get back on their feet. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Dealing With Water Damage Effectively

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Dealing With Water Damage Effectively

Water damage is the last thing any property owner wants to deal with. Water in a home or business can quickly lead to serious and lasting consequences. These include damage to structural components and may, ultimately, even lead to the flooded home or business becoming uninhabitable and being condemned. Fortunately, there are a few steps that owners can follow, once water in their business or home has been detected.

In this rest of this article, we'll take a closer look at exactly what the water damage restoration and mitigation process entails.

Almost every town in America has a professional water damage restoration company. Because of the difficult and complex nature of handling flood damage, any time water in a home or water in a business is detected, the first thing the owner should do is put themselves in contact with their local flood damage restoration and mitigation professionals.

With prompt action, the chances of a successful restoration and mitigation of water damage are close to 100 percent. However, if commencement of restoration and mitigation efforts are delayed more than a day, the chances of flood damage becoming permanent and worsening become increasingly higher, with every passing hour.

One of the reasons to call in dedicated professionals is that a professional restoration company knows the value of a timely responds and understands how crucial it is to begin the water cleanup as soon as possible. The water cleanup team will, therefore, arrive quickly after the emergency call is placed, usually within a half hour or less. Once on site, the team will make a thorough assessment of the damage. They will find the location of the supply line break or pipe break, if it is unknown and take immediate corrective action to stop any active leaking. This may require the use of welding equipment or pipe fitter at the site of the pipe break or supply line break.

The water cleanup team will also assess the extent of the water in the home or water in the business, formulating a plan of attack.

The next step is the full-scale extraction of standing water from the flooded home. The team will use powerful vacuum and pumping equipment to remove thousands of gallons per hour from the flooded home. By the time they are done, typically in no more than an hour, there will be no remaining water in the home or water in the business. The team will concentrate on removing any hidden water from around the area of the original supply line break or pipe break, minimizing the chance that undetected water will fester and cause ongoing damage.

Once all standing water has been removed, the team will begin the drying process. Using industrial-strength drying equipment and dehumidifiers, the team will begin removing all moisture from both the materials and the atmosphere in the flooded home. They will set up powerful drying machines at the site of the supply line break or pipe break, ensuring that absolutely no moisture is left in the area of the original leak.

The drying process is typically the one that takes the longest out of all steps in the flood damage restoration process. It may take a total of anywhere from a few hours to a whole day. When completed, the home will be completely dry and there will be no further risk of damage from the flooding event.

Using a process similar to dry cleaning, the team will then totally cleanse all materials and items within the home or business. This will mark the end of the process. At this point, the home will be completely restored to its original condition.
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