Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

How to remove mold growing on wood floors?

Mold grows when there is too much moisture present. Wood floors often grow mold after a water loss that has not been cleaned up correctly. Mold Under Wood Floor... READ MORE

Why does mold grow in my home?

Mold is common in every home because it is common in the environment. Mold in your home will be microscopic before it takes root and you cannot see it unless yo... READ MORE

How do I get mold out of my bathroom?

Bleach Does not Remove Mold A common way to clean a bathroom is to use bleach. When it comes to mold you cannot trust it to remove the mold entirely. On a surfa... READ MORE

Cleaning up after a mold loss

The spread of mold during cleanup is one of the main concerns for homeowners. SERVPRO of Nantahala can keep mold from migrating by building a containment around... READ MORE

How do I remediate mold in my home?

Mold Remediation Process A broken pipe caused enough moisture for mold to grow throughout this house. The mold had grown up the walls and up to the ceiling. So ... READ MORE

How do I remove mold growing all over my home?

Vacation Home With Mold Damage The home owners had no idea that they had a water damage while they were away. A supply line had broken causing a large flood in ... READ MORE