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How To Use a Fire Extinguisher

7/28/2022 (Permalink)

Young Man Using Red Fire Extinguisher To Stop Fire Coming From Oven In Kitchen Learn how to use a fire extinguisher in your home

A Guide to Fire Extinguisher Use

A home fire can have many causes and can happen at any time. It's important for homeowners in Franklin, NC, to keep a fire extinguisher handy inside the home so a fire can be extinguished before it gets out of control. While the majority of homeowners have an extinguisher inside the home, research shows less than half actually know how to use one.

Being Prepared
A homeowner should not only be prepared to use a fire extinguisher at a moment's notice, but they need to know where to find it. If an emergency does arise, you'll be quicker to act on it. Situations in which you might need a fire extinguisher include:

  • When the fire is contained to one object
  • You feel confident in using the extinguisher
  • You have the right extinguisher type

While you should always call the fire department before using an extinguisher, you should get out of the structure if you're aren't confident in how to use the device. It's always best to put safety first, and during a fire is not the time to try to learn how to use an extinguisher. Fire damage can always be reversed during restoration.
Extinguishers are made for different types of fire. Some extinguishers are water-based, and made for common products such as wood, cloth, plastic, or paper. The majority of homeowners will only have a class A extinguisher. You wouldn't want to use a class A extinguisher on a gas burner during a kitchen fire.

Using the Extinguisher
You'll be confident in using your extinguisher if you remember the acronym P.A.S.S. This stands for pull, aim, squeeze and sweep. First, you pull the pin, then you aim the extinguisher, squeeze the handle and sweep from side to side.
If a fire happens, always think first. A fire extinguisher can be a powerful tool against devastating damage, but only when you know how to use it properly. It's a good idea to periodically refresh yourself on fire safety and proper usage of the extinguisher in your home.

After the Fire: 3 Actions Your Cleanup Crew May Take

5/24/2022 (Permalink)

Door frame and walls damaged by fire Fire damage in Ellijay, NC.

Restoring Your Property After a Fire

When a fire rips through your Ellijay, NC, home, viewing the aftermath can feel overwhelming. From charred belongings, smoke damage and flooding caused by fire hoses, you may not know where to begin with cleanup efforts. Calling in a professional fire restoration company can ease your woes, as its technicians can take several steps to restore your property.

1. Mitigation
Once your home is deemed safe to enter, your restoration techs will survey the property to take immediate action that will help prevent further damage and help you save time and money during the cleanup effort. This may include draining away standing water left behind by fire hoses to lower the risk of mold growth and examine the degree of soot damage to your belongings. Then you can begin salvaging important items and setting aside those that you want to preserve.

2. Soot Removal
Soot can stain building materials, furniture and other objects in your home. Your restoration professionals may use a variety of techniques to clean each room and remove soot from places brooms and small vacuum cleaners may not reach. They may also use commercial-grade cleansers on surfaces where the soot is especially thick.

3. Smoke Odor Removal
One of the most difficult problems you might face in the aftermath of a fire is the removal of smoke damage, as stains and the stubborn odor can linger for weeks after a house fire. A smoke cleaning and fire restoration service can assist you with air-cleaning ozone machines that trap and remove odor-causing molecules instead of simply masking their smell.
Facing the aftermath of a fire at your Ellijay, NC, home can feel like the end of the world. Calling professional smoke damage technicians to assist you with the cleanup process can help offer you peace of mind as you move ahead with plans to restore and rebuild.

Do You Have Enough Fire Alarms in Your Home?

4/7/2022 (Permalink)

Smoke alarm with smoke around it Make sure you test your alarms frequently.

A fire alarm helps to keep your family safe in Cullowhee, NC when a fire breaks out. Most people think one or two alarms are sufficient, but the National Fire Protection Association recommends that the number of alarms you install should be based in large part on the size of your home.

How Many Alarms Do You Need in Your Home?

The NFPA strongly suggests that alarms be placed in the following rooms to avoid devastating fire damage:

One alarm should be installed in each bedroom.
An additional alarm should be placed in the hallway near the bedrooms. If the bedrooms are situated in different areas of the home, you will need an alarm in each hallway.
Place one alarm in the kitchen as well.
Install at least one alarm on each additional level in your home. Don’t forget the basement since a fire can ignite near or inside the furnace.

How Should the Alarms Be Installed?

The fire alarm can be placed on the ceiling, but it also works well attached to the wall. Just make sure it is situated no more than 12 inches from the ceiling since smoke rises quickly during a fire. Alarms positioned in the kitchen should be at least 10 feet away from the stove and other cooking appliances. Smoke damage caused by kitchen appliances can be very difficult to remove, so call a fire restoration service if you need help with the cleanup. Alarms should never be placed too close to windows, fans or vents since these devices may interfere with fire detection.

Make sure you test your alarms frequently to ensure they work when you need them. Change the batteries twice a year as well. A good rule of thumb is to change them when you change your clocks.
Keep your family safe with a properly installed and maintained fire alarm in each important room in your home.

How a Lightning Strike Can Affect your Home

2/16/2022 (Permalink)

Lightning thunderstorm flash over the sky. If your home is hit during a storm it’s best to call the fire department regardless of if you see a lighting fire.

What Can A Lightning Strike Do To Your House?

If you live in Franklin, NC, you may be wondering if it’s possible for a lighting fire to strike your home. While this force of nature may seem alarming, the odds of having your home struck is roughly 1 in 200.

Facts to Know About Lighting

Understanding this force of nature can help you know the risks to your home.

• Most strikes occur outdoors in open areas
• A strike always takes the path of least resistance to the ground
• A lightning rod can provide a straight path and help protect your home
• Only 18 percent of strike related fires were house fires
• Most strike related fires start in the attic or around electrical wiring
• A strike may result in power surges

What to Do if Your Home is Struck

If your home is hit during a storm it’s best to call the fire department regardless of if you see a lighting fire. Tell them your home was hit by lightning so they can send someone to inspect it and look for any signs of damage or possible fire. They will tell you if the house is safe. Afterwards you can call your insurance and have a licensed electrician look over the building’s wiring.

What Should be Done if a Fire Occurs

In the event your home is struck resulting in a house fire, it’s important to get everyone out as quickly and safely as possible and call the fire department. Once the fire is out you should contact your insurance company and any fire damage restoration services they may recommend. These professionals can conduct any clean up and repairs that may be needed, and the cost is usually covered under most homeowner's insurance policies.

A lighting fire can be just as damaging as any other kind. Fortunately, precautions like a lightning rod may help. If your home is hit it’s important to call the fire department for an assessment regardless of if you have an obvious fire. Afterwards you can make any repairs necessary to the home.

Keep Fires at Bay With These Space Heater Safety Tips

12/31/2021 (Permalink)

Portable electric heater, halogen light heater Space heaters are wonderful inventions.

Space heaters are wonderful inventions, as they are energy-efficient, affordable and effective. However, despite their many benefits, they do come with one major drawback: fires. If you’re not careful with your personal hotspot, you could end up with a burned space heater and worse, a burned home. Don’t let that happen, and use these tips to prevent your space heater from catching on fire:

Safety Tips for Space Heaters 

  • Buy a space heater that comes with built-in safety features.
  • Find a safe place to put your little heater.
  • Keep the three-foot rule in mind.
  • Practice safe habits.

Safety Features To Look For

When shopping for space heaters in Franklin, NC, there are certain safety features that Consumers Reports recommend you look for. For one, the heater you buy should come with a safety certification as well as a Very Good or Excellent Fire Safety Score. Anything less than that is likely not safe. Secondly, look for automatic shut-off features. The ideal heater has a sensor that tells it when it's overheating and turns it off automatically. Finally, the heater should have at least a six-foot cord that is equipped with a GFCI plug, which grounds the connection so you won’t get shocked when plugging it in.

Find a Safe Place To Put Your Heater

A large reason for burned space heater accidents is location. Keep the three-foot rule in mind when finding a place to put your heater: three feet from all combustible materials, and surrounded by a three-foot, child-free, pet-free safety zone. Make sure to place the heater on a solid, level and nonflammable surface as well.

Practice Safe Habits

Finally, make sure that you practice safe habits with your space heater. Turn it off each night before going to bed or when leaving the home, install working smoke alarms, and never plug another item into the same outlet that the heater is on, especially if using an extension cord (which you shouldn’t do anyway).

The tips above should help you prevent burned space heater accidents, but in the event that your heater does catch fire and you need smoke cleanup help, reach out to your Franklin, NC, fire damage team today.

Managing Smoke Detector Power

11/6/2021 (Permalink)

Smoke alarm Maintain and monitor your smoke alarm system.

Monitoring Smoke Alarm System

Keep your home in Cashiers, NC, free from fire hazards by maintaining and monitoring your smoke alarm systems. Read on to glean a few tips related to these important home devices.

1. Source

Know the power source of your chosen model of a smoke detector. Some models can be wired directly to the wall, and thus will run on your home’s electrical system. Others use replaceable 9-volt batteries or non-replaceable lithium-ion power sources. Some detectors may combine both of these methods as a backup in case of home power failure. Regardless, you should test the units each month to ensure that they are fully functional. If the device is blinking or beeping, this may be an indicator that the unit has insufficient power.

2. Age

Smoke detectors are not built to last forever. Both ionization and photoelectric alarm types suffer from reduced effectiveness as they age. A typical smoke alarm will only last for about ten years. Luckily, they are inexpensive to replace, typically costing less than $20. A wide selection of models is available at your local hardware or department store. Examine the date of manufacture on the back of the unit to determine an appropriate time to rotate out your set of detectors.

3. Safety

By maintaining your smoke detection systems, you can prevent fire damage and loss of life. Many residential fires occur while most people are asleep, so it is extremely important to have an automated system in place to alert friends and family to fire hazards. The risk of health and property damage from fire goes down substantially when smoke detectors are well-distributed throughout the house, especially if they are connected to activate one another when any single unit detects smoke.

By taking care of your smoke alarm setup, you can prevent physical harm to your occupants and damage to your home that could require costly professional fire restoration.

Fire and Lightning

10/28/2021 (Permalink)

Severe damage inside a home. All items burned Fire damage in Tuckasegee, NC.

Lightning can cause serious damage to a house depending on where it strikes. When it strikes a home in Tuckasegee, NC, it can potentially lead to a house fire or an electrical short in the wiring that destroys unprotected appliances or devices. A lightning fire can also cause major damage to a home’s structural integrity.

A bolt of lightning will always find the fastest way to the ground, usually through a home’s wires or plumbing. The biggest dangers of a strike are fire, shock waves, and power surges.

Problems Lightning Strikes Cause

• Fires can start from an electrical short when lightning travels through power lines, wiring, or plumbing in your home. A lightning fire can create sparks that ignite insulation and building materials in the walls or attic, both of which are dangerous because they’re not immediately noticeable.
• Shock waves can destroy brick and concrete, crack housing foundations and chimneys, and shatter windows.
• Electrical surges pose a fire hazard should wires ignite. They also generate massive currents of electricity that can overheat electronic devices such as TVs, computers, and appliances.

Actions To Take After a Strike

• Call your local fire department or 911 if you smell smoke. If a fire starts in the attic, you may not notice right away. The fire department can perform an inspection and search for issues.
• Find an electrician to assess your wiring and make sure there are no damaged wires that may cause a fire hazard later.
• Inspect your roofing and siding for damage from the strike itself.

If you know your house has been struck, call the fire department immediately. Ignited materials in the roof or walls may start with a slow burn before turning into a full house fire. A lightning fire is particularly dangerous for this reason, and steps should always be taken to ensure the safety of your home and family.

3 Easy Ways To Prevent Kitchen Fires

7/26/2021 (Permalink)

A flaming pan Never leave cooking unattended.

3 Simple Ways To Avoid Kitchen Fires

Your kitchen in Ellijay, NC has the most delicious tastes and smells, but also the most potential fire hazards of any room in your home. Fortunately, there are three easy tips you can follow to minimize the risk of fire damage:

1. Maintain Appliances

Keep your appliances in good condition by cleaning them regularly. Daily, wipe down the stovetop and unplug appliances when not in use. Periodically, scrub the inside of the oven, empty crumbs from the toaster and clean the inside of the microwave. If you find a frayed wire, or if an appliance is not functioning normally, unplug it immediately. Repair or replace a faulty appliance.

2. Supervise Cooking

Never leave cooking unattended. If you must leave the house, turn off all kitchen appliances first. If you cannot remain in the kitchen, check in frequently. Set a timer in case you lose track of the time; it tips you off when the food is done. When cooking with oil, do not overfill the pot and remain in the kitchen at all times. A grease fire can start and spread quickly. If a grease fire occurs, never put water on it. Have a lid nearby when cooking with grease to cut off the oxygen supply to a fire.

3. Remove Fire Hazards

Always keep flammable materials away from the stovetop and other appliances that generate heat. This includes potholders, dish towels and paper towels. When cooking, keep your hair back and roll up your sleeves.

Cooking is an enjoyable, and necessary, part of your life in Ellijay, NC. Keep the heart of your home safe from fire damage by incorporating the above tips. In addition, install and maintain a smoke detector near the kitchen. If a fire happens, the alarm alerts you to leave the house and call 911. After the fire is out, call your insurance agency and a fire restoration specialist to return your home to preloss condition.

When to Maintain Your Furnace for a Safer Winter Season

7/8/2021 (Permalink)

Technician is checking air conditioner Keep your furnace maintained for best results and lower costs.
Nothing feels better on a cold winter night than a toasty warm home that is bare-foot comfortable. It adds to the feeling of peace and security among your family members. Too many families in Cashiers, NC, however, tend to neglect basic safety and maintenance routines and may end up needing to make an emergency call or even to deal with fire cleaning and restoration. When and how should you give your furnace a little attention to prevent your family from being among that number?

Furnace Maintenance Tips

  • Before firing up the furnace for the first time each year, install fresh filters, vacuum or remove any dust or dirt that has built up and perform any additional maintenance needed according to your unit’s instructions
  • Call a professional furnace technician anytime you hear or smell anything out of the ordinary coming from your furnace
  • Always replace filters as soon as needed and make sure the air intake is unblocked and dust free.

Other Preventive Measures

Dirt and dust can be dangerous and may also cause inefficient burning, so vacuum the area often. Keep the space clear of debris and combustibles such as curtains. Make sure you have installed working carbon monoxide sensors and fire alarms throughout the home. Fire cleaning is not something you want to be thinking about. In the event there is a problem and fire or smoke cleaning is required, enlist the help of emergency restoration services to make sure you are not left with anything other than an unpleasant memory. Soot, water stains and odor are a reality when things go wrong, so take care to maintain your furnace regularly.

When you live in Cashiers, NC, you may want to be running that furnace around the clock to keep your home warm and cozy. Making sure to follow these furnace safety tips may also keep you from having to deal with the headache of fire cleaning instead.

A 3-Step Smoke Alarm Inspection

6/2/2021 (Permalink)

Hands replacing batteries in a smoke detector Alarms that rely on replaceable batteries should receive new batteries every year.

Take These Three Steps to Determine Whether any Smoke Alarm is Functional

Smoke alarms are critical safety devices. A wide range of detector designs is currently available. Homeowners may be interested in a smart detection and alarm system, hardwired system, or standard battery-powered alarms that use the best detection method for a particular area of a residence. A homeowner can take these three steps to determine whether any smoke alarm is functional.

1. Check the Age

The sensors and machinery in a smoke detector become less responsive over time. Fire safety experts recommend replacing an alarm every 10 years, regardless of the battery type. Newer detectors that run on long-life lithium ion batteries must be replaced, as there is no way to replace this built-in battery without installing a new alarm.

2. Test the Alarm

Homeowners should press the test button on a smoke alarm at least once every month. Regular tests can be helpful for making sure an alarm is connected to a power source. If the test button does not function, check the battery or wiring. If a power source is available, another component in the alarm may be malfunctioning and require replacement or repair.

3. Replace the Batteries

Alarms that rely on replaceable batteries should receive new batteries every year. This applies to nine-volt or PP3 batteries as well as alarms that run on AAA, AA, C or D batteries. Alarms that run on lithium ion batteries should operate for up to 10 years before the entire alarm unit should be replaced.

Each of these steps is important to ensure that every smoke alarm in a residence will be able to sound in the event of a fire. It is a good idea to test each alarm monthly. Switch out replaceable smoke detector batteries or battery backups at least once a year. In the event of fire damage, homeowners should contact a fire restoration company located in Cashiers, NC.

Protect Your Personal Belongings From Fire Damage

3/31/2021 (Permalink)

bathroom vanity covered with smoke House fire damage in Cashiers, NC.

Protect Your Belongings From Fire Damage

If you are renting, it is still important to practice all of the guidelines for fire safety. This includes having fire alarms strategically located throughout the apartment or home, keeping an eye on open flames when cooking and not storing combustible or flammable items in an unsafe manner. This will keep you safe and protect your property. You should also look into renters insurance, as this covers your personal belongings if they get destroyed in a fire. It will also cover some expenses for a professional cleanup and fire restoration if needed. The cost of this insurance is relatively inexpensive, as you are just paying for the protection of your personal belongings and not for the structure of the apartment.

A Solid Value
People sometimes avoid renters insurance for a couple of reasons. The first is that they think they do not have enough belongings to merit insurance. However, when people add up their belongings it often is more than they think, and more they can afford to lose. The second is they fear the insurance will be too expensive. At the least, you should get a quote from an insurance agent. This type of insurance has many benefits:

  • Inexpensive
  • Customizable
  • Liability options
  • Fire restoration coverage

If you do own a fair amount of things, insurance is essential. It will help you recover from significant fire damage.

A Source of Help
If you do experience a fire in your residence, it is important to call a fire remediation company in Cashiers, NC, right after the fire trucks depart. Trained and experienced technicians will arrive quickly and begin to work on cleaning up soot and smoke damage. They will have all of the tools to restore your rooms to excellent condition. If you have renters insurance, many of the restoration services will likely be covered. Comprehensive fire protection includes insurance and professional help.

3 Things To Know About Fire Preparation in Your Business

11/8/2020 (Permalink)

People in the conflagration preventive extinguisher training program, Safety concept. Employees should also be trained in the proper use of any fire extinguishers

Fire Preparation Steps

There are a few steps you can take when it comes to fire preparation at your Andrews, NC, business. Following these steps can help you ensure the right safety protocols are in place during an emergency. You may want to consider the following.

1. Have a Plan

One aspect of disaster preparation is to create an emergency plan. This plan should include things such as the locations of any exits, where fire extinguishers are located, a meet-up place for all employees so that roll call can be taken after fire, and emergency medical information. You may also want to include an important phone numbers such as your insurance company, or the number for a local fire damage restoration service

2. Keep Your Employees Informed

It's important to keep her employees informed about any fire preparation plans are tools you may have on the work site. This includes training them and the proper use of these tools. This way everybody will know what to do if a fire should occur, and how to safely exit the building. Employees should also be trained in the proper use of any fire extinguishers.

3. Maintain Any Fire Safety Tools

One step you can take to help avoid fire damage at your place of business is to maintain any fire safety tools. This can include keeping fire extinguishers easily accessible and making sure they are inspected for functionality at least once a year, as well as maintaining working fire alarms, emergency exits, and safety pulls that may exist on exterior doors.

When it comes to fire preparation at your place of business, it's a good idea to have an emergency plan. Make sure that all of your employees are aware of this plan and what details that contains. You may also want to properly maintain any fire safety tools you may keep on hand, such as fire extinguishers, to ensure that they are working during an emergency.

What You Need To Know About Fire Coverage Under Renters Insurance

9/18/2020 (Permalink)

fire damage in a home, SERVPRO is present and firefighters Fire damage in Highlands, NC

Fire Coverage Under Renters Insurance

No one expects to have a fire in his or her apartment, but everyone should be prepared in case it happens. One of the most important factors to consider when planning for this type of emergency is financial recovery. Renters insurance can ease the monetary burden if you have a fire in Highlands, NC.
A renters policy provides coverage in several ways:

1. Personal Property
If any of your personal belongings are destroyed due to fire damage, a renters policy covers the cost to replace many of the items, including furniture, clothing and electronics. It is important to note that personal property refers to the contents inside your apartment, not the physical structure.

2. Temporary Lodging
You may be temporarily displaced if a fire leaves your building too damaged to continue living in it. If you are unable to remain at your place, renters insurance will cover temporary lodging, such as a hotel, while your apartment undergoes fire restoration. Your local fire damage mitigation company can speed up the process and help you transition back into your apartment as quickly as possible. Insurance may provide coverage for these costs as well.

3. Liability
If an outside party suffers property damage resulting from your fire, a policy can pay for those expenses. Fires can spread beyond your walls and damage neighboring units, so you need to make sure you are covered for any associated expenses.

4. Medical Expenses
Renters' policies can provide medical payments to others that may be injured because of the fire in your unit. For example, someone may see smoke and attempt to evacuate the building, but in doing so may trip, fall and sprain a wrist on the way down. Insurance coverage often accounts for these expenses.
It is important to safeguard your financial well-being in the event of a fire. Bills and expenses can take a huge toll, and recovery can be difficult if you are unprepared. Having renters insurance is a smart way to ensure you get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

How to Keep Your Fire Sprinklers Ready for a Disaster

7/9/2020 (Permalink)

Automatic ceiling Fire Sprinkler at the Office Fire sprinkler system in an Andrews, NC office

Having a working fire sprinkler system is the single best strategy you can take to protect your business from a fire in Andrews, NC. Statistics show that they are highly effective at fire suppression, save countless lives, and protect property. However, they must be inspected and maintained properly to provide protection.

A Really Big Difference

Major fire departments have studied the difference between structures with a working fire sprinkler system versus one without. The contrast is staggering; one study run in a single county during 2018 demonstrated the incredible return on this simple investment:

  • $144,266,225 saved from property loss
  • Not a single fatality or injury
  • 93% of fires only activated a single sprinkler

Most fires in the U.S. in buildings with sprinklers were confined to a single room. This not only reduces fire damage but water damage as well. Accidental activation of fire sprinklers is exceedingly rare, although it can happen, usually as the result of an employee’s mistake – or outright vandalism.

Inspection and Maintenance
The National Fire Protection Association has a rulebook called NFPA 25. It’s the go-to resource for how to effectively inspect and maintain a fire sprinkler system. When followed correctly, your chances of stopping a fire in its tracks rises exponentially. It has a set schedule for inspections, including

A weekly visual inspection.
A monthly visual inspection and test.
A quarterly visual inspection and test.
A yearly visual inspection and a thorough test.

You can usually do the weekly visual inspection yourself, while the other three generally require a certified fire suppression company to perform. On your weekly inspection, make sure there are no items within 20 inches of sprinkler heads and that the area around the fire pump equipment on the ground is completely clear of obstructions.
If you need a fire sprinkler cleanup or have other fire and water damage, call a certified local fire damage cleanup company to get the restoration process started immediately. Water damage tends to worsen the longer it’s left, so the sooner you call, the more money you can save. SERVPRO is Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Avoid a Lint Fire With Simple Cleaning Tips

6/3/2020 (Permalink)

Hand cleaning accumulated clothing lint from trap in clothes dryer. Clean the lint trap

As lint builds up in the trap of your dryer, some of that debris makes its way further into the appliance. This, in turn, clogs up the machinery and forces your dryer to work harder. As your dryer efficiency decreases, your utility bills go up, and the wear and tear on the machine means that it will break down earlier than it would have with proper care. Sadly, this isn't the worst that can happen. When you don't clean out the trap, you increase the risk of a lint fire.

Clean the Lint Screen and Trap

One easy way to reduce your risk of fire damage is to remove the lint from the trap every time you run a load:

  • Remove the filter from the dryer.
  • Pull off the lint by hand.
  • Vacuum the lint trap opening on the dryer if there's any visible lint or debris.
  • If necessary, rinse the trap in running water.
  • After drying the filter, replace it in the clothes dryer.

In addition to completing this lint fire prevention step, proper dryer maintenance requires a couple of other tasks.

Vacuum the Interior of Your Dryer
You can complete this task within an afternoon. Depending on how much laundry you do, this job should be done every 4 or 6 months.

  • Unplug the dryer and move it away from the wall.
  • Remove the back or side panel. It should come off without too much effort.
  • Remove the exhaust hose.
  • Vacuum carefully around the drum and inner workings.
  • If necessary, use a cloth to wipe off the interior and exterior of the dryer.

This step is important for preventing a dryer fire and also protects your hardworking appliance from wearing out early.

Unplug the Exhaust Hose
While you have the dryer pulled away from the wall, take a look at the exhaust hose. It's usually held in place with an O-ring clamp, and you should be able to remove it without damage using a flathead screwdriver.

  • Remove lint balls by hand or use a cleaning brush to carefully clean the interior of the hose.
  • Reattach the hose when it's clean.
  • Check the outside vent to be sure hot air is escaping appropriately.

As you complete these tasks, you'll protect your appliances and prevent a lint fire that could cause serious fire damage. Contact Franklin, NC, property cleanup, and repair professionals if you have damages.

What Alternatives Are There for Candles?

5/19/2020 (Permalink)

Here Are Three Options To Wick-Burning Candles

The warm glow and fragrance of a scented candle is something that makes a place feel like home for many people. Unfortunately, leaving candles unattended is a common source of damaging fires, especially during holidays. To keep your home in Cullowhee, NC safer and reduce the risk of a costly and dangerous house fire, consider swapping out traditional candles for one of the many candle alternatives on the market. Here are three options to wick-burning candles.

1. Candle Warmers

These warmers come in a range of styles to fit almost any decor. Ranging in look from lamps to lanterns, warmers work by heating up the wax to a point that an aroma is released. Since there is no need to ever light a wick, you can even use a wickless candle. Some heating elements work on batteries, while others need to be plugged into an outlet.

2. Flameless Candles

Traditional candles are not the only way to get the flickering light effect. Flameless candles use LED lights to generate the same ambiance. Some of these candle alternatives are coated in traditional wax, making them difficult to tell apart from the regular variety. 

3. Essential Oil Diffuser

Another great alternative is to use healthy essential oils that fill your room with a pleasant aroma. Fill the diffuser with water, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and turn on the diffuser. Most models last for hours and give off a pleasant mist. Some styles light up in solid colors or can be set to cycle through various shades. 
These safe candle alternatives do not pose a fire danger to your home. With these products, you can decorate in style without the risk of a candle fire. If you already have fire damage from a traditional candle, you will need to call a professional fire restoration service to return your home to its pre-fire condition.

What To Know About Content Cleaning

2/21/2020 (Permalink)

Girl wearing purple gloves cleaning a computer Electronics can be cleaned as well after fire damage

What To Know About Content Cleaning

If your Murphy, NC, home experiences a fire, you may be comforted to know that there are a variety of ways a fire damage restoration service can salvage your items. From dry-cleaning for delicate fabrics to freeze drying paper documents, many of your personal items can be returned to pre-fire conditions. Here’s what you may want to know.

1. Items May be more Salvageable Than You Think

When it comes to content cleaning more of your personal items may be salvageable than you first may have thought. Smoke and soot odors can be removed as well as any fire suppressant that may have soaked your home. This knowledge may be comforting as restoration is often more affordable than replacement for many home contents.

2. There are several Cleaning Methods

Depending on the item type a different cleaning method may be used. Most fabrics can be washed, but delicate items may need to go through dry-cleaning instead. Furniture may be able to be wiped down with special cleaners. Rugs and carpeting can be shampooed with special detergent to help with smoke removal, and ozone machines may even be able to remove smoke odor from the air.

3. Electronics and Paper Documents Can Be Cleaned as Well

You may also want to know that it is possible for electronics and paper documentation to be salvaged as well. Electronics will be carefully cleaned and tested and any saved data moved to content storage until the professional can ensure that your device can be returned to working order. Paper documents will first be freeze dried and then go through smoke removal.
Whether you’re having delicate fabric items go through dry-cleaning, or restoring paper documentation, a restoration service may be able to salvage many of your personal items. Each items will be cleaned by a method appropriate to the item type. Your electronics may be salvageable as well.

How To Extinguish a Grease Fire

11/26/2019 (Permalink)

Smoke surrounding a smoke alarm that's going off Protect your home with smoke alarms

You can cause a lot of fire damage to your home in Franklin, NC, with what starts as a small flame. A grease fire in your kitchen may start with a little smoke but quickly grow out of control. Knowing how to recognize the beginning of a fire and respond in a timely manner can help you extinguish it before it causes too much damage.
Prevent Smoking
The most common cause of grease fires is overheated oil. You can prevent this problem with a few easy precautions:

Don't leave hot oil unattended.
Don't heat oil above its smoke point.
Use a heavy pot when heating oil.

If your pot begins to smoke, you should take notice. Fire cleanup experts don't recommend moving the pot once it catches fire, but if it does start to smoke, you can likely prevent fire by removing it from the burner immediately.
Cover Fire
A small grease fire may be able to be put out simply by covering it. Fire needs oxygen to thrive. Cut off its oxygen supply, and you may be able to extinguish the flame. Make sure you use a metal lid to do so, however, as glass is likely to shatter.
Extinguish Flame
If you cannot smother the fire with a lid, the next option is to douse it in something that will put it out. Baking soda is the best choice. Don't ever use water on a grease fire, as it can make the hot oil splash, spreading the fire. As a last resort, you can use your fire extinguisher to put out a small kitchen fire.
Call 911
Once you have expelled all the contents of the fire extinguisher, you need to vacate your home if the fire is still not out. Call emergency services. Large fires should always be left to the professionals.
You can usually prevent a grease fire in your kitchen. If such a fire does happen, you may be able to take care of it with minimal damage if you respond quickly.

Key Steps in Fire Restoration

7/17/2019 (Permalink)

Get in contact with the fire department to extinguish the fire

House fires can leave behind tremendous devastation, high repair costs and a lot of heartache for homeowners in Tuckasegee, NC. You never want to think about having to deal with this tragic event. Thankfully, you can find a fire restoration company to help you clean up after the incident and even rebuild your home. Professionals have thorough processes and the appropriate techniques and equipment to assist you in putting your life and home back in order.

Initial Steps

After notifying the fire department to extinguish the fire, you want to get in touch with your insurance company and file a claim. These aren't the only calls you should make, though. There are trained experts who specialize in damage cleaning and rebuilding following fires.
When you hire a restoration crew, the team follows these beginning procedures:

  • Perform a walk-through to assess what areas of the home were affected
  • Determine what can be cleaned and what must be replaced
  • Communicate with your insurance company about the extent of the damage and what cleanup efforts will be necessary


A fire restoration company uses specialized equipment and methods to clean items in your home such as electronics, furniture and carpet. The main focus is generally on removing soot from all surfaces in your house. The team even has the ability to clean documents such as books, maps and photographs. In addition, the crew can tear out rotten drywall and also board up or place tarps over the roof and other holes or gaps in the home.


Smoke damage can be severe, but fire remediation companies not only clean up after the mess but can restore and rebuild what they couldn't salvage. This includes replacing drywall, flooring, the roof and other structural components.

A house fire doesn't have to mean the end of your house. Even after many major fires, a qualified fire restoration company can help you rebuild your home and your life.

Cleanup Techniques After a Business Fire

6/26/2019 (Permalink)

Cleaning smoke damage from electronics

Nowadays, a company has a lot invested in computers and other critical electrical components. These elements are absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of a business. An electrical fire on your premises can cause thousands of dollars or more in damage. The damage results from several factors:

  • A black film can seep into the components
  • A magnetic charge from smoke can cause elements to short circuit
  • Acidity from soot could damage and degrade electronics

The good news is that by contacting professionals in Cullowhee, NC, you can address the issues of computer cleanup and electronics restoration. In many cases, your electronics can be brought back to their original condition.

Cleaning Smoke Damage From Electronics

Fire restoration professionals in Cullowhee, NC, have the resources to fix your electronics. They have advanced equipment and techniques to clean and restore electronic devices from laptop computers to camera gear to printers, copiers and phone systems. They also can help you with safety tips, since damaged electronics pose a danger after an electrical fire. For example, it could be dangerous to power on equipment after a fire.

A key to prompt restoration of electronic devices is through quick action. Look for a company that operates under the goal of Faster to Any Size Disaster. Acids that are the result of a fire can quickly cause corrosion and degrade function. A qualified electronics technician can inspect and repair your devices.

Acting Quickly

With fast action, you can save your devices, retain important information and get back to business. The longer your company is down, the more frustrating it can be. Your employees want to get back to work, and you want to serve your customers. The damaging effects of a business fire can be reduced with a smart insurance policy and the services of restoration professionals.

Survive the damage from an electrical fire. Get your devices looked at as soon as possible, and open for business again quickly.