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Why Do I Need Commercial Flood Insurance?

8/19/2019 (Permalink)

Flood insurance

With the average business generating so many bills and expenses, adding another in the form of flood insurance can seem like a hard sell. But once a flood leaves two feet of water in your Ellijay, NC, office, the value of commercial flood coverage becomes spectacularly clear. Read on to learn some ways this coverage for flooding can save the day.

Protection from Uncovered Expenses

A common assumption is that commercial property insurance covers flood damage, but the truth couldn’t be more different. Property insurance coverage is limited to some natural events like wind or lightning damage, but a business needs special commercial insurance to pay for destruction caused by flooding and excess water. A business enterprise would need both building property and personal property flood insurance to cover the repair or replacement of items such as:

  • Building foundation
  • Water heater
  • Furnace and central air
  • Permanent cabinets
  • Appliances
  • Carpeting

Unfortunately, many businesses don't recognize the limitations of commercial insurance until it's too late. Purchasing specific flood coverage for the building and personal property covers those water-related events that are not included in a standard Business Owners Policy.

Safety Net for Business Mishaps

Many think a business beyond a flood-prone area isn’t at risk. But floods often occur when the ground is unable to absorb water from rapid rainfall. In other words, one instance of fast-melting snow, even in an urban environment, could leave your business vulnerable. Without coverage, the resulting damage could be financially devastating.

Better Safe Than Sorry

When it comes to flooding, even seemingly low-risk buildings can be impacted, and the results for these under-prepared businesses can be catastrophic. In fact, the Federal Emergency Management Agency estimates up to 40% of uninsured small businesses damaged by floods never reopen due to excessive repair costs.
Anybody who’s faced commercial flood cleanup will tell you that it can get expensive fast. A commercial flood insurance policy can seem like a needless perk until a flood and its costs are in your face. Whether caused by Mother Nature or simply poor drainage, floods are a risk that every business should prepare for.

Tips for Responding After Fire Affects Your Property

8/12/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial fire damage in Highlands, NC

Fires are some of the most destructive crises to affect commercial properties. In addition to fire damage, buildings often suffer from smoke and water damage. Fortunately, fire restoration professionals have the training and equipment to respond to all of these problems. When fire affects your properties, there are several things you should and should not do.

Safety for Clients and Personnel

During any fire situation, your first response must focus on safety:

  • Do follow your fire safety evacuation plan.
  • Do contact emergency authorities in your area.
  • Do call your insurance company.

After making sure proper evacuation procedures have been followed, it's a good idea to start thinking about your cleanup response. Your insurance agent may recommend a professional fire and smoke cleaning company. Remember not to touch any damaged areas while waiting for technicians to arrive.

Steps You Should Take After the Fire

There are several things you can do while you wait for Highlands, NC, fire and smoke cleaning crews to arrive.

Limit the number of people who enter the building. Too much traffic stirs up soot particles and spreads damage, as well as embedding ash and other substances into the carpeting.
Take pictures of the damage from several angles to give to your fire insurance agent for claims purposes.
Board up windows and limit access to your property to keep your equipment, supplies, and inventory safe from intruders.

Remember that fire-damaged buildings can be dangerous with hidden areas of weakness. Safety must be an ongoing concern.

Things You Should Avoid

It's normal to feel anxious about returning to normal business routines, so it may take some effort to avoid rushing in after the fire is out. Make sure that you and your personnel remain safe:

  • Don't enter the property before emergency authorities give you the go-ahead.
  • Don't begin washing or cleaning up any of your property.
  • Don't use the electricity without consulting the appropriate authorities.

Fire restoration efforts require a professional response. Without the specialized training and equipment these professionals have, you could do further damage to your property or put yourself and others at risk of injury.

The Mold Cleanup Process

7/23/2019 (Permalink)

HEPA filters

The Mold Cleanup Process

Mold can be a serious problem in Sylva, NC, especially in commercial buildings that many people use regularly. While there are not yet any federal regulations regarding the concentration of mold spores in the air of a building, many types of mold are toxic, particularly black mold. So, the problem must be taken care of, and is often best done by a professional, to ensure none is left behind to continue spreading.
A mold cleanup specialist will come inspect the property and make an assessment. Mold is not always visible, but there are various tools they can use to detect hidden water sources and mold spores.


The first step to remove black mold or any other kind of mold, is to contain the spores. Depending on how bad the situation is, they may use a negative air chamber and turn off the heating and cooling systems to ensure the mold is not spread anywhere outside the contaminated area. The cleaning crew will also often wear protective gear such as masks, and even full body suits if necessary.

Air Filtration

Air filtration machines are used to pull microscopic spores out of the air using HEPA filters. This is maintained throughout the cleanup process.

Tear Out

If black mold was inside a wall or flooring, the tear out may require removing porous materials such as carpeting and drywall. Anything that has been wet for longer than 24 hours will likely have to go.

Cleaning and Disinfection

Remediation specialists are able to thoroughly clean and disinfect belongings that are recoverable, such as furniture, curtains, and clothing. They also use techniques to remove any leftover odors from your household items.

Drying Wet Materials and Restoration

The damaged areas of your building will need to be completely dried out to be sure no more mold can grow. Then, the restoration process can begin (putting in new drywall, carpeting, etc.)
Mold is not an issue to be taken lightly, as it can spread rapidly and cause many types of problems for a building owner, as well as for the people who use the building regularly. Using a professional mold remediation company will give you peace of mind that the problem is being taken care of in the most thorough way possible.

5 Steps To Take When Your Tenant Finds Mold in Their Apartment

7/18/2019 (Permalink)

If mold is a reoccurring problem in your Franklin, NC, apartment building, there is probably a hidden water leak.

Mold begins as a minuscule spore, so it is difficult to believe something so small can wreak so much destruction and havoc in a large apartment building. But mold is a clever opponent that loves to hide until the problem is so big it appears to be out of control. That is why it is important to take the following steps in mold cleanup as soon as your tenant notifies you that he or she found mold contamination in the apartment. 

5 Steps For Mold Cleanup 

  1. Telephone your insurance company. Find out what your insurance policy covers regarding mold issues. Sometimes the fungus is a minor problem, but other times it can require extensive cleanup efforts and a big expenditure of money. Also, request an adjuster’s visit.
  1. Take photos of the mold and surrounding area. Establish a record of the situation in pictures. The photographs can also help you if you need to file an insurance claim. 
  1. Contact a mold cleanup and restoration team. Ask the team to locate and address the water problem feeding the mold growth. This process can include removing wet walls, floors, and cabinets; therefore, cleanup can take several days.
  1. Request the restoration team’s assistance in removing the mold and restoring the area. After removing the mold spores and colonies, the restoration team can sanitize the area to prevent the mold from returning.
  1. Move the tenant to a hotel if cleanup and restoration turn out to be extensive. When your tenant’s belongings must be displaced during the repair process, offer to relocate him or her to a hotel for the duration of the restoration.

If mold is a reoccurring problem in your Franklin, NC, apartment building, there is probably a hidden water leak. The sooner you can remove the water, the less possibility there is that mold can cause damage to the building’s structure or spread to another tenant’s apartment. Additionally, by removing the underlying moisture allowing mold to grow, you can save yourself a great deal of money by preventing mold from returning and requiring further mold cleanup.

Key Steps in Fire Restoration

7/17/2019 (Permalink)

Get in contact with the fire department to extinguish the fire

House fires can leave behind tremendous devastation, high repair costs and a lot of heartache for homeowners in Tuckasegee, NC. You never want to think about having to deal with this tragic event. Thankfully, you can find a fire restoration company to help you clean up after the incident and even rebuild your home. Professionals have thorough processes and the appropriate techniques and equipment to assist you in putting your life and home back in order.

Initial Steps

After notifying the fire department to extinguish the fire, you want to get in touch with your insurance company and file a claim. These aren't the only calls you should make, though. There are trained experts who specialize in damage cleaning and rebuilding following fires.
When you hire a restoration crew, the team follows these beginning procedures:

  • Perform a walk-through to assess what areas of the home were affected
  • Determine what can be cleaned and what must be replaced
  • Communicate with your insurance company about the extent of the damage and what cleanup efforts will be necessary


A fire restoration company uses specialized equipment and methods to clean items in your home such as electronics, furniture and carpet. The main focus is generally on removing soot from all surfaces in your house. The team even has the ability to clean documents such as books, maps and photographs. In addition, the crew can tear out rotten drywall and also board up or place tarps over the roof and other holes or gaps in the home.


Smoke damage can be severe, but fire remediation companies not only clean up after the mess but can restore and rebuild what they couldn't salvage. This includes replacing drywall, flooring, the roof and other structural components.

A house fire doesn't have to mean the end of your house. Even after many major fires, a qualified fire restoration company can help you rebuild your home and your life.

3 Tips for Mitigating Roof Damage on Your Home

7/9/2019 (Permalink)

Regularly inspect your roof

How to Mitigate Roof Damage

If you live in an area such as Hayesville, NC, that experiences frequent storms you may be concerned about roof damage. Fortunately, there are a few steps that many experts recommend to help mitigate potential problems.

1. Regularly Inspect the Roof

One way to protect your home is to have your roof inspected regularly. You may choose to do this at a set time each year. It's also recommended to give your roof a once-over after any big storms. When looking over your roof, check for areas of high moisture, wind damage, any torn or loose shingles, hail damage, sunspots, and any places that look more worn than they should. If you're not sure what to look at on your roof you may want to contact a professional to perform the inspection for you.

2. Cover Damaged Areas

If you believe your home may have roof damage, then it's best to cover over the area until a professional can come to look it over. You may choose to do so with a bit of plywood, or a tarp. This will help prevent additional damage from occurring until such a time as repairs can be made. It's also important to secure any covering you place over the damaged area to help prevent it from sliding or flying away.

3. Have a Professional Make Repairs

If you find damage it's important to contact a professional who can do a storm damage restoration. Doing so will help you ensure that any repairs to your roof are done correctly, and that any areas that have strong potential for further damage can be restored as well.
One way to help mitigate roof damage is it regularly inspect your roof. If you do find damaged it's important to have it covered until repairs can be made, and contact a professional to make those repairs as quickly as possible. If you have questions your restoration expert may be able to help.

Cleanup Techniques After a Business Fire

6/26/2019 (Permalink)

Cleaning smoke damage from electronics

Nowadays, a company has a lot invested in computers and other critical electrical components. These elements are absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of a business. An electrical fire on your premises can cause thousands of dollars or more in damage. The damage results from several factors:

  • A black film can seep into the components
  • A magnetic charge from smoke can cause elements to short circuit
  • Acidity from soot could damage and degrade electronics

The good news is that by contacting professionals in Cullowhee, NC, you can address the issues of computer cleanup and electronics restoration. In many cases, your electronics can be brought back to their original condition.

Cleaning Smoke Damage From Electronics

Fire restoration professionals in Cullowhee, NC, have the resources to fix your electronics. They have advanced equipment and techniques to clean and restore electronic devices from laptop computers to camera gear to printers, copiers and phone systems. They also can help you with safety tips, since damaged electronics pose a danger after an electrical fire. For example, it could be dangerous to power on equipment after a fire.

A key to prompt restoration of electronic devices is through quick action. Look for a company that operates under the goal of Faster to Any Size Disaster. Acids that are the result of a fire can quickly cause corrosion and degrade function. A qualified electronics technician can inspect and repair your devices.

Acting Quickly

With fast action, you can save your devices, retain important information and get back to business. The longer your company is down, the more frustrating it can be. Your employees want to get back to work, and you want to serve your customers. The damaging effects of a business fire can be reduced with a smart insurance policy and the services of restoration professionals.

Survive the damage from an electrical fire. Get your devices looked at as soon as possible, and open for business again quickly.

What To Do if There is Water Damage in Your Commercial Building

6/18/2019 (Permalink)

Water cleanup in commercial facility in Cullowhee, NC

Use the Following Steps to Get Your Business Back in Order

Water damage in your Cullowhee, NC, business can cause you a lot of trouble. Excessive moisture can affect the structure of the building as well as the items inside. If you have experienced a flooded company building, use the following steps to get everything back to working order.

1. Allow the Area to Dry

One of the first things that you should do is remove any remaining water and allow everything to dry. For highly affected areas, it may be a good idea to move furniture and equipment to a safer location. Allowing air to circulate by opening a window or using a dehumidifier can help move along the process.

2. Sanitize Surfaces

Once everything has been dried, you will have some cleaning up to do. While water from a broken pipe is generally clean, moisture from other sources might not be. You should be sure to clean and sanitize any affected areas.

3. Clean Furniture and Fabrics

If you have cloth objects or furniture made with porous materials, you should have these thoroughly cleaned to prevent secondary damage from contaminants or mold. Some items, such as curtains, might be fine in a washing machine, but dry cleaning is a good option for larger items.

4. Have Items Repaired

If you have a flooded company building, you may be dealing with some wet electronics. Before handling anything, make sure that the power has been completely shut off. Do not turn anything on or you risk harm to yourself as well as damage to your equipment. You may be able to salvage these items if you hire a professional to do the job right away.
While a flooded company building may seem like a disaster, you can save most of your belongings if they are handled correctly. A water damage restoration company can help with necessary repairs and provide services to get your property back to its previous condition.

Proper Management of a Water Heater Failure

6/11/2019 (Permalink)

A leaking water heater may pose a danger to your electrical system

Proper Management of a Water Heater Failure

The discovery of a leaking water heater is a nuisance that most homeowners in Murphy, NC, will have to deal with at some point. More often than not, you won't realize what has happened until after a significant amount of water has escaped due to one of the following:

  1. A faulty gasket or rusted out water heater base
  2. A thermostat that has malfunctioned
    A drain valve that has failed due to loosening over time
  3. Pressure buildup as a result of setting the temperature too high

Take action immediately once a failed water heater is identified to limit damage and aid in the recovery of affected areas. Water damage restoration professionals are able to help with this process.

Safety Precautions

A leaking water heater may pose a danger to your electrical system. Be sure to cut power to all outlets and receptacles that are in the vicinity. Refrain from using appliances that are near the broken water heater until you ensure the area is completely dry. If the appliance is not properly grounded, there is a small chance of electrical shock when you make contact with it.
You must also be conscious of the buildup of mold in areas that have become saturated. Prompt action is necessary since it takes only 24 to 48 hours for mold to germinate and start growing.

Limit the Damage

Although you may cringe at having to remove material you may have spent hours installing, it is critical that you do. Wall coverings can be affected up to 20 inches above the water accumulation and are ideal places for mildew to form. Any insulation should be removed in addition to the drywall. Don't think twice about having to rip out carpet or flooring as well. Sanitizing these materials is nearly impossible, and odors can linger well into the future.

Managing the mess of a leaking water heater can be frustrating. Be proactive and ensure you begin the cleanup process as soon as possible after detection of the problem.

Steps to Take After a Fire

5/27/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Nantahala is prepared to act quickly to help you get your business back to normal.

Businesses in Cashiers, North Carolina, suffer a wide range of consequences after a fire: lost assets and equipment, damaged buildings and environmental hazards, just to name a few. Dealing with details and the interruption to your operations can feel overwhelming, but there are a few key steps you can take. Your insurance company, along with skilled fire restoration technicians, will play key roles in the aftermath of a blaze.

3 Steps to Take After a Fire

  1. Contact Your Insurance Provider

Once you and your employees are safely accounted for and the flames are put out, your next phone call should be to your insurance company. The commercial property portion of your business policy provides the fire insurance coverage to handle your recent loss. Try to get as many details as possible ready before you get on the phone, but keep in mind that you’ll probably be in contact with an adjuster who’ll assess the destruction.

  1. Hands Off Everything

For both safety and practical reasons, you should not touch any damaged or destroyed areas of your premises after a fire. Although it might be tempting to “rescue” equipment, furniture or even filing cabinets, keep in mind that your insurance adjuster needs to document the post-blaze state of your property.

  1. Contact Cleanup and Restoration Services

After the flames have been put out, your premises likely suffer from smoke and fire damage as well as flooding and water damage from fire suppression efforts. An expert fire restoration company will assess what work must be done and then perform clean up to bring it back to its former condition. Typical services include board-up services for missing walls and windows, tarp-up on impacted roofs, water removal, smoke cleaning, and final cleaning and sanitizing.

Fire’s natural properties make it a destructive force that not only consumes but leaves lasting effects behind in its wake. Thankfully, a fire restoration professional in Cashiers, North Carolina, can help your business on the path to recovery.